A szexi expankrátor akkor és most fotója

Az instagramos képei alapján elég hihetetlen, hogy az egykori
WWE pankrátor, Trish Stratus (eredeti nevén Patricia Anne
Stratigeas) már 42 éves. A csinos hölgy tegnap egy akkor és
most fotót is posztolt, vagyis a tavalyi, szülés előtti képét,
egy egy évvel későbbi pózolásával együtt osztotta meg. Trish
kislánya, Madison-Patricia Fisico 2017. január 14-én született

If you had told me I would be celebrating my
daughters first year birth month by kicking ass in a @wwe
ring, I would have probably said ‘get the F out of here’.
But I did. – At 12 months postpartum, 12 years post
retirement and 7 years since I’ve competed in a ring and
since birthed 2 children – I did it…. I came. I fought. I
stratusfied. – Because…. _______I AM WOMAN
✨__________________________ – And can we talk about the 7
of the 30 women in the ring at the FIRST EVER ALL WOMEN
Royal Rumble that are MOTHERS?? – Just because I had a
baby, doesn’t mean I have to stop doing me. In fact, I am a
stronger, wiser, more bad assy version of me, because trust
me, birthing and babies do that to a woman! – So let’s take
a minute to shout out to the mama’s out there who are doing
it, to the soon to be mama’s – get ready to be a better,
stronger version of you! To @themickiejames @thebethphoenix
@guerrero_vickie @saronasnukawwe @mimicalacool
@thebriebella who showed us baby bumps to wrestling bumps
is a thing 🙌🏼 – This awesome photo was captured by world
renowned fitness photographer @dave_laus. Dave is basically
the king of fitness photography, he’s used to shooting the
top fitness people in the world, so for him to have
captured such a tender (and round!) moment, blew me away
and I am forever grateful for his artistic eye. When we
shot this in 2017, I was about ready to pop and I said ‘hey
we should totally shoot this in 1 year but with my abs
back’. I kind of said it jokingly because after two babies,
I wasn’t sure they would be back. Cue Dave’s wifey
@nichellelaus … she is what they call a transformation
specialist (and multiple fitness cover girl, kick boxer,
mom of 4, and a bad ass!). And she said in a very serious
tone “whenever you are ready, let me know. I will train
you. Let’s do it!”. Thx Nich, for helping me find me – and
my abs again!!😜 – Thx to @milayudinadesign for this
gorgeous styling (this cloak is from her personal
collection, how awesome is it??). Hair & makeup by my
girl @byvalerianova of @twochicksandsomelipstick. Shout out
to @hairbystavro24 who convinced me to go full blond. And
thx to @amanda__lifts for this nifty side by side edit!

Trish Stratus (@trishstratuscom) által
megosztott bejegyzés, Márc 27., 2018, időpont: 8:25 (PDT
időzóna szerint)

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