Just who is Clare Turner Marshall?


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Just who is Clare Turner Marshall?

Clare-turner-marshallTo get where you want to go, it’s essential to respect where you have been.

Great working relationships are built upon trust and mutual respect.  To take advice from someone you really have to establish who that person is and why what they have to say is relevant.

Before I even sign a contract to work with someone I think it’s essential to have an informal consultation just to assess whether we will be a good match for the business.  In order to get to know you in the future I believe it’s essential for me to share just a little about who I am right now.

I grew up in a family business, surrounded by the ups and downs of being part of an entrepreneurial family.  In fact some of my earliest memories are watching how hard my parents had to work just to sustain their business, (which incidentally was a great success they retired at 47)

From there it was difficult for me to consider being anything other than an entrepreneur, however I learned a few things from watching the impact of work on family that I wanted to change.  Hard work is great but Smart work is better so I set about gaining an understanding of business from many different perspectives.  Dedicating my time and effort not solely on studying but getting out there working and learning from real people.

I understand the issues and problems that you may face as a Director or CEO as I have seen them all before time and time again, and learning from some of the best people in the business I can show you the safest path through the woods.

I became a financial planning consultant at first for a major bank and then I took a leap of faith and became a self-employed consultant for another major corporate assurance company for the remainder of my career in Financial Services.

Until I decided that now was the time to stand out on my own and really work with the businesses that I wanted to and make a difference that way, in the past 3 years I haven’t looked back, working with businesses of all sizes and genuinely making a difference to their future, it’s simply what business means to me.

In addition I believe its essential to give something back when time allows and so I am due to become the first female President of The Rotary club of Tamworth in 2015, having been involved in Rotary since the age of 11 and a member for 2 years. I know just how powerful it is for business to support the community and the impact it can have on the lives of all associated. I also mentor young entrepreneurs for various local groups and colleges.

Psychological Coaching

As a Psychological coach Clare works with clients to help them create a solid foundation for them to build their life upon. Our mind works like a computer and we all have programs running in the back ground that are usually holding us back and most of the time we have no idea the impact that thye are having on us. We have moments where we find ourself saying “Why is this happening to me?” Clare will work with you through coaching to over come these un-concious beliefs and re-program your mind for success.

Anyone can become a coach, the fact it it takes an exceptional person to be an exceptional coach. Someone who has your back, who will go that extra mile to support you and bring out your true potential. This is why your foundation is so key, only by building a strong foundation will you make sure that you do not fall back into old habits. Clare will help you to destroy the old foundation as this is a critical part of the process to create change for good.

Clare uses various techniques to achieve these results with you, the result is inspirational. You will become a new and empowered version of you.

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One to One Coaching

How long are you going to make excuses for not exceeding your true potential?

I believe it takes an exceptional person to become an exceptional coach, you wouldn’t ask an electrician to fix a leaky tap would you. I have built my practice upon my expertise, success and knowledge. Collecting more than 20 years of experience into a profound perspective that can move you through the stages essential to make you the success you deserve to be.

The coaching services I provide take two main forms: open hours and a coaching and mentoring program.

Open Hours can be taken as and when available to sit with you and work through what you consider to be most valuable to you. Only limited hours are available each month, therefore it is vital to book in advance to ensure that you are able to work towards your future. Hourly Coaching Fee: £497 + VAT

Coaching programs are one of the fastest ways of building towards ongoing persistent growth and success. Working through a selection of my favorite and most successful tools taken from psychology, finance, NLP and a whole host of economic industries chosen for their effectiveness. Included within the guided coaching sessions are a selection of open hours to enable you to continue working on your individual targets as well.

Coaching programs are currently only available at Gold level, incorporating set processes, designated hours and goals to achieve:

Coaching & Mentoring Program

  • One to One Coaching
  • Targeted Training
  • Business Mentoring
  • CTM Unique selection of Processes and Tools
  • Micro session telephone/Skype catch-ups
  • Open Access to Clare
  • Unlimited email support

Investment : £4997 + VAT per month

Minimum 6 month contract

Having grown up around a successful family business I know instinctively what you should focus on and what you should avoid. When I work with you, you can rest assured that I will have your back, my service is not designed to be for everyone. I don’t have time for people who are not serious about improving their life and their families. I only have time for the go-getters, the money makers and those that are used to getting what they deserve.

I won’t hold your hands and tell you it will be alright, I will work you to achieve what you need, I will take you through the stages that you need to go through to achieve, I will be the one person you can rely on to tell it to you straight, and only then if you need me to hold your hand and tell you it will be alright I will.

I am confident that you will be more than satisfied with the change that you will undergo throughout coaching work that I will guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

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Keynote Speaking

Keynote SpeakingConfident and Commanding sharing a truly inspirational perspective on money, life and business

Delivering inspiring and motivational keynotes on a range of topics. Designed to engage with everyone incorporating a selection of extensive life and business experiences alongside sharing a selection of my favorite and most called upon words of wisdom from the world of business and philosophy.

Working the room with an energy rarely encountered.

Often the cornerstone of any event my keynotes have been created from years of insight and experienced. Learning from my mistakes and those of others but more importantly the success that so often follows after learning what not to do wrong. Giving genuinely effective, life changing activities that can and have transformed the lives of those in the audience.

I may only be one person so I know it is not always possible to work with everyone personally. That is why I love nothing more than standing up and saying loud and proud “I can make you more motivated, successful and satisfied, wanna know how………….”

I believe that my keynotes deliver a unique experience that not only motivates but inspires the audience to action. I only have limited slots available throughout each year, if you are interested in learning how I can transform your next event get in touch sooner rather than too late.

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Business Development

Stop working for your business. Start making your business work for you

Working with the entrepreneurial spirit in you I can help safely guide you through the perils and pitfalls of running your own business.  Ensuring you stay on path and on target paying close attention to what will take your business where it needs to go rather than losing yourself in the day to day activities that you should be delegating out.

My guidance can help you to transform your business and your workforce. I have a proven and effective range of inspirational and motivational training sessions designed to enhance your workforce making them more energized and committed to the success of your business.

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_PTP8942My success is directly built upon your success. As a professional speaker and coach I can tell you time and again how valuable I believe my involvement to be.  What is really invaluable though is what my recent successes have to say and how far they have come through working professionally with me.

Please enjoy the following selection of satisfied clients and learn a little about the journey we made together.


Clare is an outstanding coach! I began working with Clare last year and I have seen my business and personal finances change dramatically, she has helped me reach levels of success with my business that I didn’t think were possible. Clare is so dedicated and passionate about what she does, she gives practical advice and motivates you to make the changes needed to truly succeed. I have to say I was scared to make the step of getting a coach, especially for the areas of finance, but I am so glad I did. Clare has invested her heart and soul into helping me this past year, which has resulted in me obtaining investment for my business Imprint Productions. I just can’t thank her enough!!! Life Changing!!

susanna-westwoodSusanna Westwood
CEO of Imprint Productions

Having had Clare speak at one of my Workshops in London, I decided to hire her for some specific personal financial coaching. She quite simply delivers excellence; clear thinking, constructive challenge and reliable knowledge of best practice money management in countless business and personal situations. That said, her approach encompasses much more than ‘what to do with your money’, as she’s extremely intuitive and very attuned towards the various psychological blocks that hinder personal achievement…. and how to eradicate them completely. Highly recommended.

pad-brayPad Bray
Your Success Coach Author of TEAM ME

Clare is one of life’s little secrets, that should be a BIG AWARENESS. Her pure desire is to help you get the best from your life and business and aspire for the success you want and has the skills to help take you there. But she is more than a coach and mentor. She is human being with a huge heart, genuine to the core, caring and supportive in all you want to manifest, stunning in her knowledge at what activities to develop and what mindsets need firing up. In short she is ALL ROUND INSPIRATIONAL! Come to Clare if you want to turn your life around and make success and happiness part of every single day. She believes in you, works for you, tries for you, connects with you, and so eagerly wants prosperity to come your way. She is a rarity, a gem of a soul, and a person I’m so honored to meet and work with. If you want a better tomorrow, contact Clare TODAY!

john-sherryJohn Sherry
Energy Coach and The Energy Reader

Clare is very special. Having witnessed her speak, coach, interview, and having spent time with her I know that she is a person of high integrity. I will absolutely recommend her to people who need her services, as standard, because I trust her and her content.

derek-millsDerek Mills
Hay House Author, Leading Personal Development & Wealth Management Expert, Unique Inspirational Speaker, Mentor

Clare is an expert in her field when it comes to managing money, teaching and inspiring others how to have a positive attitude and approach to dealing with all aspects of money. I would highly recommend Clare to anyone that finds managing their money a challenge as I do!

vinilla-burnhamVinilla Burnham
Costume Designer

Clare is extremely personable & approachable, very down to earth & does exactly what she says on the tin! Straight to the point with humour so the info hits the spot without too much of a sting, practical guidance that’s easy to follow immediately keeping you accountable so your goals unfold seemingly effortlessly…book in for a chat with her, you may just be surprised at what’s uncovered.

darcie-carringtonDarcie Carrington
Owner, Skincare Essentials


If you want to learn more just email your queries to hello@clareturnermarshall.com

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I have one final question.

When do you want to start transforming your future?

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When you are ready to take charge and genuinely transform your life and revolutionise your business get in touch. I only work with a limited number of motivated businesses and individuals at any one time.

To ensure that we can begin working together towards permanent change.  Make contact today and see when we can start working towards your future.


Keynote Speaking

Delivering inspiring keynotes around the country on a range of topics to boost your business and attitudes towards success.  Bookings are now being taken for Autumn/Winter 2014.

If you are interested in learning more about how I can transform your guests, get in touch today.

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